Mary Poppins meets William S. Burroughs?

Iím Dane Lowell, and like the firefly that got caught in the lawn mower, Iím de-LIGHTED (isnít that awful!?) to welcome you to the Night Court of the Red Queen.

Actually, Iím not Dane Lowell. Does that mean I'm a liar, which would make me eligible to become president of the United States? Not really! It's just that I don't want you to know who I really am. In fact, most of the names you will encounter on this web site are not real. Because much of what you read would be too embarrassing or compromising or libelous for the hapless individuals who experience it to share. But while it's all behind the veil of nonymity, it's also all true. Since I really enjoy my work and want to continue doing it, I hope you don't find out who I really am or who my friends really are!

Iím a lifelong American journalist Ė well, actually a life-long American ex-journalist (that means the life continues, but the journalism doesnít) who is now a teacher; but my somnolent fingers keep creeping incessantly back toward the keyboard, and while Iím not looking they hammer out the most god-awful, shameless drivel I think Iíve ever written Ė er, ugh, read. Mind you, these columns are in insufferably good taste, even if a bit shocking from time to time. But they are outrageous. Truth, after all, is still stranger than fiction!

Anyway, this has been going on behind my back since 2003, and only now have I acquired enough balls and computer-savvy friends to get these scandalous cameos into a form that other people can read.

If youíre gay, or if you have any interest in la vie Moskva, or if you like sex, or if you have an active fantasy life or would like to have, or if youíre a bleeding heart do-gooder, or if youíre a frustrated old queen Ė or if you just enjoy reading scintillating, funny, poignant, and insightful snippets of other peopleís lives, I invite you to join me in the unlikely -- but absolutely true -- adventures of the Red Queen at Night as she Ė she?? -- roams the netherworld of the Evil Empire.

Mary Poppins and William S. Burroughs Ė together at last!