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Age when first entered my life

Andrei Twin, 22
One of a pair of twins that I had adopted as life-long partners. Met and became lovers in a most unlikely scenario that should have given me a clue. Heís proven absolutely scurrilous: conned me out of a lot of money and conned even his own nearly destitute father into borrowing 40,000 rubles for him from the bank, which is now causing legal problems for his father. I formerly adored him, but now think heís among the most scurrilous rats Iíve met in Russia. Heís the twin brother of Sergei, whom I still adore, and the older brother of Zhorik, with whom Iím very much in love. Weíve all banned him from our lives.

Anton, 22
Former lover, current roommate, native of Vladikafkaz, Northern Ossetia. Went off to Canada to study English and stayed there illegally. I wish him the best, wherever he is.

Basil, 21
Soul mate, fellow writer, deep thinker, and lifelong buddy who helped me set up this web site. Unfortunately (for me) not gay.

Boris, 21
Former student cum good pal. I think he's gay but he won't admit it - at least to me. He and I have unfortunately lost touch.

Denis, 20
Met him through Sergei. We have a devoted gay relationship, though he insists heís bi-. We had a devoted gay relationship for several months, though he insists heís bi-. Went back to his Moldovan home and returned a year and a half later with his 18-year-old brother Igor, who has taken Denisís place in my bed and in my life. Denis is still living with me and owes me a fair amount of money. I would be better off without him, but canít kick him out on the street.

Dima, 28
One of Mishaís unmemorable former boyfriends.

Hong Kong Harry, 58
American professor of Russian History at Univ. of Hong Kong whom I met through Max while they were boyfriends. Comes to Russia to research history and Russian boys. Insisted I was his best friend in Moscow, though I am hard put to tolerate him more than a few minutes at a time. The most self-centered, insensitive, stingy (though he makes $ 10,000 a month) Jewish mother I've ever known. My disgust with him finally got the better of me and we have since parted. No longer in my life.

Drushka (Ivan), 23
Former student and long-time buddy; got me jobs at Liberty Fund and Institute of Diplomacy and introduced me to sometime lover Slava and major straight fantasy Volodya. A true life-long friend. He met a Spanish caballero, Jorge, in Moscow and is now working in the family business in Spain. Is contemplating marriage to Pedro and adoption.

Igor, 17
Childhood friend of Zhorik. Came to live with me and Zhorik for a time. Attempts to recruit him were unsuccessful, and his adorable little-boy appearance and occasional affection didnít compensate for the problems he created Ė flooding the downstairs neighborís bathtub, repeatedly getting shit-faced drunk, and burning a hole in the mattress. Now in the army. No longer a part of my life.

Ivan/Igor, 18
younger brother of Denis from Moldava. A delightful addition to my life, filling the void created by Zhorikís army stint. Affectionate, attractive, and devoted bedmate, and compliant Ė if not always enthusiastic Ė target of my fingersí nightly explorations. The current love of my life.

Kostya, 22 And Dima, 23
Among my earliest students, Dima and I became good friends, then, with his buddy Kostya, private students. They are an inseparable pair and I love them both dearly, though they are both married and probably straight, although there have been some eyebrow-raising instances like the timeÖ Anyway, itís probably history now. Both he and Dima have married and fathered sons.

Kreutz, 22
Dmitriy Kreutzenbach, Belarussian with German ancestry. Was Misha's boyfriend for a short time, then became one of my dearest and most loyal friends. Big, beautiful, uncut dick, but never got to do more than look at it when he did a strip-tease on our kitchen table. Also has a small translation agency and hires me to do translation/editing from time to time. We love each other dearly, if platonically.

Little Seryozh, Seryozh 1, Livinsky, 24
Former classmate of Misha's in the orphan school, serious lover for a while. Havenít been in touch for a long time.

Long Seryozh, 24
Adorable, loveable, vacant-headed boy toy with a huge cock. Had sex with him only once; dick too big to deep-throat. He still owes me $ 100, which probably explains why I havenít seen him for a long time.

Max, 17
My first boyfriend, lives and works in Nizhny Novgorod; introduced me to former and life-long love Misha as well as to Vanya and Hong Kong Harry. Now 10 years later I view him as something of a boor.

Misha, 21
Former lover Ė probably the great love of my life. Despite his perfidy and shameless thievery, I still love him deeply. May the gods protect him, wherever he is.

Nikolai, 50+
Repulsive, aggressive old queen; Seryozh's boyfriend when he was 14. Also has had sex with Misha. Fortunately, I seldom see him.

Peter, 18
Met him when he was a student in my Institute of Diplomacy class in the fall of 2005. Immediately fell in love with him. Heís intelligent, kind, cultured, compassionate, pretty, and speaks good English. We spend a lot of time together Ė art exhibits, drinks, restaurants, etc., --and Iím pursuing him relentlessly as a major fantasy, but donít know if heís caught on that Iím queer. Weíre planning vacations together in August of 2007.

Rod, 40+
Head of English Exchange, the company for which I worked as a teacher for seven years. I still teach part time there, and he and I are still pals. We occasionally have dinner together, and EE continues to support my visa and keep my medical insurance in force. He knows Iím gay and we occasionally discuss each otherís love lives. All in all, a sterling fellow.

Ruslan, 26
Long time acquaintance I met through Tioufline; introduced me to Anton; still casual friends

Sasha, 21
Former student who became best buddy, then sex partner and lifelong pal. Loyal and devoted friend. Currently in America getting doctorate in chemistry. Remains one of my dearest friends.

Sergei Twin, 22
Andreiís twin brother and my other lover for life as of August í04. Has adopted me as lover and ďAmerican grandfather.Ē Was afraid he was turning gay, but is now living with girlfriend Tanya in my apartment. Weíre very devoted.

Shurik, 19
Former lover with an exquisite, hairless, alabaster body and beautiful cock. I still think of him wistfully, despite his wicked, diabolical lies and attempts to destroy Yegor.

Slava, 23
Former Liberty Fund colleague, still occasional sex partner and close friend. Has been of immeasurable help with computer problems.

Tioufline, 18
Used to insist he was my best friend, but the sneaky little bastard stole my apartment from me and has cost me tens of thousands of dollars since 1997. A despicable, repulsive character who contracted AIDS shortly after I arrived - about the time he stole my apartment. Karma? Fortunately, I never had sex with him.

Valentin, 50+
Twins Andrei and Sergeiís Ė and Zhorikís Ė father. A truly heroic figure. Accepts me as the boysí ďAmerican grandfather,Ē but doesnít know Iím gay or the nature of My, Andreiís, and Sergeiís relationship.

Valera I
Misha's then-17-year-old boyfriend - the only person he ever truly loved. But Misha's jealousy and manipulation drove him away. Saw his pix not long ago on a gay bulletin board.

Valera II, 40+
My brilliant - probably genius - Saturday morning student. Married with nearly adult son and daughter. The twins say theyíve seen him in gay bars. Not sexually attractive but fascinating conversationalist.

Volodya, 15
First met in Turkey in Ď99, but real relationship has developed in Moscow over last 5 years. We deeply love each other, but sex with him is unfortunately only an irrepressible fantasy.

Vanya, 19
Former lover and major heart throb for several years. Put him through the university. Worked in a bank in Nizhny Novgorod, now looking for bank jobs in Moscow. No longer lovers, but still good friends. I loaned him $ 3300 to get started in Moscow.

Yegor, 21
Former lover from Tajikistan. Now airline steward for Aeroflot. I paid for his stewardís course and first two years of university tuition. One of the most honorable, kind, compassionate, and deserving people Iíve ever known. I will always love and respect him, though our brief romance was a disaster. His life now, he says, is joyless. I think our parting was a wrenching experience for him, though I had lots of justification. His major project now is bringing his mother and younger brother out of Tajikistan.

Yura, 31
Pitiful creature and pain in the ass who occupied my apartment for a long time because I felt too sorry for him to kick him out. Not rowing with both oars, but one of the few that I loaned money to who actually paid it back. An honest, if not very bright, dolt.

Zhorik, 17
Twins Andrei and Sergeiís younger brother. Our puppy love has matured into what promises to be a lifelong love affair after he gets out of the Russian army in May Ď08. He adores me, though insists heís absolutely straight. But also says Iím his first priority and will be, even if/when he gets married. Unfulfillable teenage promise? Weíll see.