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Columns :: Should have read that detour sign

MOSCOW, April 16, 2004 – Comments:   Ratings:

Shurik returns – and so does sex
Comedian elected governor – in Russia
“Dumbest thug”
Alyosha gets his wallet stolen on the train
Russia: out of oil in 6 yrs?

MOSCOW, April 16, 2004 -– Whew! I’m still a little bit dizzy! Shurik, my 19-year-old sensuous, loving, seductive little bombshell that I tossed out three months ago for his mercenary manipulations, returned today.

My resolve not to get involved again was never very strong, but what little there was melted and ran down my leg when he walked through the door.

Since he had called me a couple of weeks ago saying he was coming to Moscow on April 15 and would like to see me, I was expecting him. So was Yegor. “If you start another sexual relationship with him, I’m leaving,” he warned. “Don’t worry,” I had assured him. “I’ll just remember his, ‘I didn’t realize what a good actor I am’ line. I’ll be firm.”

When he walked through the door – Yegor was at work and Anton was applying for a job as a computer designer – we immediately began kissing, which turned to deep throat and in three minutes we were naked and embracing on the couch. “I’ve really missed you,” he purred. “There hasn’t been anybody else this whole time.”

Could I believe that? Doubtful, but what difference does it make. His hairless, smooth alabaster body was still hairless and alabaster smooth, and his lovely little piska wasn’t little very long. He came spasmodically deep in my throat and then I jerked off as he caressed me. First time since Little Seryozh that I’ve jerked off to another live body.

We dressed quickly and chatted. And then I got the pitch: He wants to enroll in a management education program in Pyatagorsk University. It will cost $ 700 – “three times less than what I would have had to pay here.” The course starts in November, but the problem is that he has to take the entrance exams in late May, and the full year’s tuition must be paid before he can take the tests.

Hoo-boy! As I sat there staring into his beautiful eyes and handsome face with the sweet remembrance of his stiff and throbbing cock, there’s nothing I wanted to do so much as to pay for his education. And maybe I can. Yegor’s going to need $ 5,000 in the middle of August for his university; I’ll need $ 1,000 about the same time to make my annual trip to somewhere – I’m thinking Budapest this year – to renew my visa. I’ve promised to lend Vanya money to survive till he graduates in Nizhny Novgorod. But I’ve figured that at my present rate of income -- $ 850/mo. from SS, $ 900 from English Exchange; $ 250 from Golf magazine; and $ 900 from private students – plus a $ 750 lump sum from Institute of Diplomacy – I should have close to $ 10,000 by the end of August, so I can no doubt afford to spring for $ 700 next month.

The problem is timing. Yegor and I are planning to buy a new bed for about $ 150 so we can sleep together again – the ones we have are all too narrow. I want to buy a gadget for about $ 150 that will enable us to get CNN and BBC, with news and top-rated movies. And Vanya reacted to my e-mail yesterday with a “how much can you loan me letter,” then stating he needed nearly $ 300 right away!

Right now I have about $ 1300 in the bank, $ 700 in dollars in my wallet; $ 600 in rubles which has to go for rent, which is due this weekend; and I should have about $ 200 from private students over the weekend. And payday, another $ 450, is next Thursday. And there’s still two weeks of April left, which should mean another $ 450 from private students. And then the month of May begins.

My priorities are Yegor and I, then Vanya, then Shurik. But I think I can juggle them all. The prospect of continuing to have my little love machine for another five years for the bargain price of $ 700 a year is just too alluring. This time maybe the fucking I get will be worth the fucking I get.

In the recent election, a prominent Russian comedian was elected governor of the Altai region. What was his prior experience in government? Zero. His candidacy was at first viewed as just another comedy routine, but his campaign slogan, “Jokes aside,” was apparently enough to convince the voters that he was serious.

Can you imagine a state stupid enough to elect a showman who has absolutely no experience in politics as their governor? Or even worse, a whole country stupid enough to elect a Grade B actor whose most memorable role was as “the gipper” in a football movie as their president?

Only in Russia – except America.

“The dumbest thug of the year” has been cited by Pravda newspaper. In the town of Dimitrovgrad a couple of would-be thieves put on masks, broke into an office, tied up the guard, and starting hauling out computers. It was dark, and with their masks on, it was hard to see what they were doing, so one of them fumbled for the light. But instead of the light, he punched the burglar alarm. Three minutes later the cops arrived and arrested them.

Runner up was the thief in the village of Communar in Vladimir region who strolled into a TV store and managed to make off with a TV while the sales clerks were preoccupied. The theft wasn’t noticed for an hour. By that time nobody could describe the culprit and there was no way of tracing him. But the obliging chap solved the problem for them when he returned to the store and demanded the remote control, antenna, manual, and warranty certificate that went with it

The thieves on Alyosha’s train weren’t so dumb. His flight for Hong Kong leaves tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m., and to be sure he got to the airport on time, he arrived on the train this morning to spend the day and night here. He had a berth in a four-person compartment. When he woke up this morning, two of his compartment mates were gone and so was his coat. He had wisely kept his passport and money with him on his body. But they did get his mobile phone.

Just as I was congratulating myself for not being in the U.S. when oil peaks and the perfect economic/petroleum/environmental storm hits in the not-too-distant future, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources announces that Russia will run out of oil in six years!

“The point is that the level of oil production is significantly lower than the amount of oil that is being extracted,” according to the head of the Dept. of Fuel and Energy Resources. In other words, Russia is selling oil faster than it is producing it.

How could that be? Doesn’t Russia have more reserves than any country outside Saudi Arabia? Do I want to be in Russia when there’s no gas for the cars, when there’s no food in the stores because there’s no diesel fuel for the trucks, when there’s no gas to heat apartments in minus 10 degree (F) weather? Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on university educations for Yegor and Zhenya when there will be no jobs for them?

But then I read a little further: The warning isn’t being taken seriously by “the experts,” who say that at the rate of today’s oil production, Russia is good for several more decades.

Still, with all the lies floating around the oil business these days, this little red flag is worrisome.

I haven’t told Yegor that Shurik and I had sex yesterday. But I think he suspects it. I met him this afternoon as I was heading out for my lesson at Corning and he was coming home from a day of couriering. He was very cool. ‘Where are you going, to meet Shurik?” he asked snidely.

“Unfortunately, no,” I replied. “I’m going to my class.”

“Unfortunately?” he sniffed frostily.

He called me tonight from his student’s house. “We have to talk about things when I get home.”

What things? The money he’s going to need for his doctor’s appointment tomorrow? Long Seryozh’s coming this evening? Shurik?

I keep thinking about the popular song of the late ’40s:

Detour, there’s a muddy road ahead;
Detour, that’s what the signpost said.
Detour, there’s a muddy road ahead.
Should have read that detour sign.”

Yes, I should’ve.

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