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Chapt. 169 – 2159 words
Zhorik’s teeth bite back; Sergei gone for good

MOSCOW, October 10, 2005 -- 1696 hits

Zhorik: It’s final: No touchee!
He flirts with Army
…but Andrei dissuades him
Exit Sergei
Backlash: the flu!
Charlatan promises resurrections for kids

Chapt. 203 – 2764 words
Zhorik’s perfidy revealed; Anti-Americanism growing

MOSCOW, June 3, 2006 -- 2383 hits

Igor kicked, beaten, and robbed of dream phone
Intimacy takes a short recess
Volodya discovers Zhorik’s treachery
“Cuckoo’s nest” again preferred punishment for dissenters?
Is Andrei Sh. headed there? Am I in danger of losing visa?
America’s cold war mindset increases Russian hostility
Anti-Americanism: Glue holding Putin’s support together
Gays “got thrashed,” boasts Moscow mayor
Friend Marco, Dubrovnik furnish vacation destination

Chapt. 179 – 2745 words
Zhorik: two steps forward, one step back

MOSCOW, December 18, 2005 -- 1986 hits

An assist from straight porn
Denis coming back
Zhorik borrows more money
…and ASKS for a blow job
He’s hit the casino!
Potemkin U. wants me
Israel paving way for WW3?
Russian Orthodox adds its lunacy

Chapt. 193 – 3000 words
Zhorik marching to army on road of love

MOSCOW, March 27, 2006 -- 2083 hits

Dead phone leads to set-to with Zhorik
My buddy Ned coming to Moscow?
I escape to Anton’s room
Vegetable? leech? Parasite?
A bath together washes it all away
“I’m going into the army.”
Palpable affection, love, reign

Chapter 244 – 4,749 words
Zhorik interlude proves frustrating

MOSCOW, April 18, 2007 -- 1754 hits

Cops bust dissenter’s heads on cue
Bureaucratic solution creates market crisis
Efforts continue to stifle dissent
U.S. State Dept. report riles Russians
Long-awaited Zhorik interlude disappointing
…and largely sexless
....except for….
And then illness strikes

Chapt. 287 – 2,233 words
Zhorik here to celebrate my 75th

MOSCOW, July 7, 2008 -- 1679 hits

My 75th birthday – with Zhorik!
Another ministroke (?)
...makes me consider American alternatives
U.S. landscape a homemade bomb ready to blow?
Swedish research gives "God made me..." a boost

Chapt. 269 - 812 words
Zhorik goes berserk and I pick up the tab

MOSCOW, October 16, 2007 -- 1404 hits

Zhorik goes berserk
I pick up the tab

Chapt. 245 – 3,400 words
Zhorik exits; and so do human rights

Monday, April 23, 2007 -- 2146 hits

Russian medics cure Zhorik’s illness
…he leaves for Svetlograd
…and hopefully Novosibirsk
I turn down sex with suspected camera thief
Wall Street Journal: Protest is not a right in Russia
Human rights rapidly deteriorating
Conclusions: Evil Empire is evil again
Russia most dangerous place to fly
Apartment scams spark widespread protests
Med students locked away for safety on Hitler’s b’day
Silver lining: Russians have more sex

Chapt. 162 – 1908 words
Zhorik discovers fun; what’s killing Russians?

MOSCOW, August 30, 2005 -- 1694 hits

Russian’s biggest worry
Question of survival
Zhorik: One step forward
What’s killing Russians?
A lesson for America?

Chapt. 108 – 2146 words
Zhorik and Igor duke it out; Putin gets a new adversary

MOSCOW, February 28, 2005 -- 2144 hits

Fistfight between Zhorik and Igor
Igor wets the bed
They head back to S-P
Anti-Putin youth terrify Kremlin

Chapter 186 - 2581 words
Zhorik and I sample life sans the twins

MOSCOW, February 6, 2006 – 1747 hits

Andrei finally makes his pitch -- for 2 grand
A taste of sweet life with Zhorik sans
More glue
Andrei tries to smooth things over
Warning -- coups come quickly

Chapt. 246 – 4,380 words
Yeltsin dies; unfortunately, his legacy doesn’t

MOSCOW, April 30, 2007 -- 1908 hits

Yeltsin dies a decade too late
Doublespeak from Putin; stupidspeak from Bush
Why Putin is paranoid - but he will leave office
Discovery of new thefts leaves me in a funk
.deepened by unruly flat - I lay down the law
Igor and I grow closer
I buy him a bicycle and a night of sex
Zhorik, back in Novosibirsk, wants early visit
Tioufline's offer which I could refuse
London medics want Russian men to live longer
As incomes rise, so does rich/poor gap
Court dismisses gay libel suit against mayor

Chapt. 99 – 694 words
Year of the Cock: US Embassy sticks one up Sasha’s ass

MOSCOW, December 30, 2004 –- 1966 hits

Year of the cock
American Embassy to Sasha: Fuck Off
One man’s journey from communism to capitalism
Putin’s policies costing Russia big: Illiaranov
But commies lament: he’s still no Stalin

Chapt. 279 – 2,354 words
Women’s Day leaves Red Queen a happy girl!

MOSCOW, March 29, 2008 -- 1448 hits

Don't wish macho teenager Happy Women's Day
But it was a happy one for me :-)
I find my limit in orgasms
Future with Zhorik a little clearer - maybe
Ivan rekindles dream of Spain
Potemkin U Students have Russian media pegged
Kennan: Let Russians be Russians

Chapt. # 110 – 1192 words
Women’s Day; Sergei finds a fantasy from the past

MOSCOW, March 8, 2005 – 1976 hits

Women’s Day
Sergei finds high school fantasy
Another crack opens in Russian power structure
New Bolshoi opera “pornographic”
Strange goings-on with Sergei’s Andrei

Chapt. 47 - 2061 words
Women’s Day with Dima, Volodya, Serge

MOSCOW, March 15, 2004 –- 1629 hits

Women’s day
To Nizhny with Vanya
Sucking Big Seryozh’s big dick

Chapt. 280 – 2,266 words
With Sasha and Igor, life takes a satisfying turn

MOSCOW, April 6, 2008 -- 1466 hits

Sex with Sasha: Is my "cover" blown?
Cousin Katya arrives; Sergei will live with her :-)
Igor stresses permanence of our relationship
Sasha and I go Round Three
With Zhorik's arrival: A different one every night?
Zhorik acknowledges booze problem; swears off
Racism batters one of my students
"Caution! Religion!" artist disappears

Chapt. 281 – 3,061 words
Why women cover their heads in the Russian Church

MOSCOW, April 28, 2008 -- 1364 hits

Why Russian Orthodox women cover their heads
...and women don't become priests in Russia
Sasha again agrees to sex
...and wants to help Zhorik take care of me
Igor’s and my trip to Kiev
...Nearly aborted by deceitful antics
The Red Queen gets a literary agent
...and loses him!

Chapt. 49 – 1826 words
When the Titanic sinks, we need to be healthy

MOSCOW, March 23, 2004 – 2050 hits

Trip to the doctor
Phony promises of press freedom
Yegor’s new courier job
His alcoholic uncle bashes a car
Who will post-oil hit the hardest?

Chapt. 155 – 2302 words
What we need is a revolution – of kindness!

MOSCOW, August 8, 2005 -- 2132 hits

Revolution of kindness
“So, simple, so difficult
Sergei out of nowhere – with USD3,000 – maybe
Bill Skyrme reams me a new one
Never again!

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