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Chapt. 39 - 1361 words
Icy plunges and cold deaths

MOSCOW, January 19, 2004 –- 1789 hits

Frozen soldiers

Chapt. 36 – 1751 words
Is it love? Or is it Memorex?

MOSCOW, Jan. 6, 2004 – 1377 hits

Things come unglued again
Yegor’s afraid
Threatens to leave
“Don’t go”
new citizenship law

Chapt. # 121 – 1604 words
I come unglued over glue –Sergei out!

MOSCOW, April 14, 2005 – 1806 hits

Running a bordello
Glue unsticks Serge
Twins know that Zhorik knows…i
He’s back to St. Pete -- closer than ever
Business joins youth against Putin

Chapt. #148 – 2009 words
Icon and lyricist: Ode to Ejaculation

MOSCOW, July 19, 2005 -- 2142 hits

Tarp Honniker elevates me to Icon
“Seduction Serenade”
Oasis in orgasm desert
Russian Army’s AIDS problem
Derek makes my day
Teaching at BF?
Vidal’s camera does not apply to me

Chapter 204 – 3066 words
Igor fantasy plummeting to finality?

MOSCOW, June 12, 2006 -- 2238 hits

Have I destroyed my Igor fantasy?
He opts for floor over my bed
But Vanya may fill the gap
Maybe I’ve had a pre-stroke!
Murdered Potemkin student wasn’t one of mine
WAN Moscow meeting focuses on non-free press
“Russians don’t want too much truth”
Gorby, Lebedev, may keep hope burning
But what difference does it make?

Chapt. 235 – 3,337 words
Igor reaffirms doctrine; wants to stay with me

MOSCOW, February 11, 2007 -- 1514 hits

“Whenever you want” doctrine verified, reinforced
Which may necessitate a juggling act when Zhorik comes
Igor’s name changes back to Vanya
BP gets a jolt when…
…I find Andrei under the bed
Election shenanigans already well under way
Where’s the beef? In Russia
A dollar buys twice as many Big Macs in Moscow
Siberian locals see orange, yellow, green
FDR and Putin – soul brothers/
Do you have any undeclared camels in your suitcase?

Chapt. 242 – 2394 words
Is Peter fantasy becoming reality?

MOSCOW, April 3, 2007 -- 2127 hits

Rude Moldovan consul may get his come-uppance
“Shortest and warmest” winter frees deadly virus
Peter fantasy becoming a reality?
Russian spring brings fear to draft-eligible Russians
“Little sister Ivana” visits from Spain
Weird memory loss sparks new health worries
Zhorik in Svetlograd; Moscow stop
…will expel igor from my bed – hopefully temporarily
It’s official: Russians have lost interest in politics
Moscow dissenter’s march banned
Gay parade ban also upheld
Russian Academy of Sciences defies Putin’s Kremlin

Chapt. 251 – 3,773 words
Is U.S.-Russian conflict unavoidable? Probably

MOSCOW, June 4, 2007 -- 1774 hits

A sense of life unraveling
…as Igor and I grow closer…
……and he leaves
Duma moves to restrict smoking
Death of Maxim’s grandfather further unnerves me
Conflict – but not armed – is probably unavoidable
Western-style Journalist training targeted for elimination
Putin snubs world journalist meeting
US stifles dissent too
America, Russia, among least peaceful countries
Super-rich flaunt Ralph Lauren’s ,000 purses

Chapt. 256 – 4,364 words
Independence Day: Why is there tyranny?

MOSCOW, July 10, 2007 -- 3910 hits

4th of July raises question: What makes people evil?
How does a yogi celebrate freedom?
74th birthday lunch with Peter – anti- or pre-climactic?
Hydrocarbon companies will recruit their own armies
Sergei-Tanya breakup prompts threats – idle, I hope
Outlook for classes, income, improves
Chocolate for high blood pressure?
Basil goes to Elton John concert
2014 Winter Olympics in Russia will line pockets

Chapt. 259 – 3,785 words
Igor headed home from Moldova

MOSCOW, July 30, 2007 -- 1532 hits

Igor headed home
…and preempts Victor
Mixed messages from Zhorik
…but he’s making big plans for post-army
Top lawyers will go to bat for Kuznetsov
Russian church growing too strong: scientists
Kremlin orchestrating party registrations
And drawing up blacklist of unacceptables
Putin’s Youth does Kremlin’s dirty work
Russians not world’s most dishonest

Chapt. 260 – 4,289 words
Igor returns to play, but Zhorik keeps top spot

MOSCOW, August 6, 2007 -- 1765 hits

Igor brings his playing field back home
But Zhorik will probably keep top billing
Sergei got as far as Sochi
U.S. headlines mimic Russia’s, BUT…
Puritans punish American for Moldovan sex
Dissident sent to psych ward for forced treatment
Gorby trashes Bush, applauds Putin
Putin “taking Russia in the right direction”
Russian prison population high, but America’s soars
What international diplomatic crisis?
Time’s typical Russian

Chapt. 262 – 3,614 words
Igor’s brain contusion will take him back to Moldova

MOSCOW, August 21, 2007 -- 1544 hits

Simpsons movie comes to Russia
Crack train derailment prompts speculation
…Muslim terrorists?
…Or Kremlin power house?
Putin’s re-write of history successful
Novelist under investigation for slandering cops
Cop boss beats patrolman over traffic ticket
Igor’s head pain continues
He goes to the hospital
…for three days
…back to Moldova for treatment
Police follow-up: Potential oh-oh
…but registration issue avoided for now
Money drought ends at last

Chapt. 293 - 2,969 words
Is capitalism dying? Does Obama know? Am I going to Spain?

MOSCOW, May 9, 2009 -- 2601 hits

Easter, Mayday, Victory Day
Money continues to fly away
Will I?
How is Russia faring?
Dissident predicts Russia's demise – again
New student says Kosygin planned change
Does Obama face same fate as Gorbuchev?

Chapt. 298 - 2,599 words
I move – in a “hurricane”

Galicia, Northern Spain, March 7, 2010 -- 1900 hits

Fiesta Queen

Chapt. 305 - 1 972 words
I'm not dead yet; Eye exam scheduled

Rome, Ga., USA, Sept. 30, 2010 -- 1783 hits

I'm still very much alive
Good things on other fronts
My former English student from Moscow will come to Rome to visit me
Republican majority
Elaine and I

Chapt. 317 - 4 404 words
I’m ready to go to Moldova, but where’s Igor?

Somewhere in Northern Spain, June 27, 2011 – 2302 hits

Misha has to pay a rental agent
I get the money from David G.
Ready to go to Moldova, but where’s Igor?
Sasha has e-mail problems – x 2
American media not telling everything about Fukushima
U.S. West Coast severely affected, but not Spain -- yet

Chapt. 334 - 5 181 words
I’m living here Illegally? Now What?

Somewhere in Northern Spain, February 25, 2013 – 2841 hits

Illegal immigrant? Let sleepings dogs lie

Vanya takes 400 euro ride – with my money

Call from ex-wife Elaine: Should I go to U.S.?

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum Big Disappointment

My last will and testament

Letter from Sashas – June 27?

New “Syntax and Morphology” student

Being broke saves me from Igor

Iago – a hopeless fantasy?

Jobless Spanish journalists launch new newspaper

“We’re committing global suicide”

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