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Dane Lowell, former Sentinel staffer passed away on Friday, May 12, 2017, in Orange City, Florida.

Born in Moulton, Iowa, on July 6, 1933, Dane Lowell moved with his family in 194l to Orlando, which then boasted 33 lakes and 33,000 population. He graduated from Orlando Senior High School in 1951 and attended Florida Southern College, where he served as editor of the college newspaper, chairman of the Florida Student Press Association, president of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and toured France and the British Isles with the vaunted Florida Southern College Choir in 1955. He graduated cum laude in 1956, received the A.W. Smythe Journalism Award and was named outstanding graduate. He was listed that year in the Yearbook of Outstanding College and University Graduates.

Mr. Lowell served in Germany with the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps before returning to Orlando in 1960 to marry his college sweetheart, Edith Elaine, whom he divorced in 1967. (She was subsequently named Teacher of the Year for both Orange County and the State of Florida.) Mr. Lowell served as a special assignment reporter for the Orlando Sentinel-Star. Events he covered include Alan Shepherd's first manned space flight from Cape Canaveral in 1961 and Orlando Astronaut John Young's first space flight in 1962.

In 1965 he moved to Washington, D.C., where he started his own publishing business. He retired from journalism in 1987 and moved to Seattle, WA, where he became an English teacher for Seattle Court Reporting Institute. He moved to Moscow, Russia, to further his teaching career in 1997, where he remained until 2009, when he moved to Ourense, Spain, to continue his teaching career. He returned to the Central Florida area in January, 2016, where he resided in Orange City until his death.

He co-authored with Wilson Clark the book Energy for Survival, published by Doubleday Anchor in 1974, and authored two self-published books, The Gay Caballero and Life Begins at 80; and a volume of poetry, Gayly, the Troubador.

Mr. Lowell is survived by a brother and three sisters.

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